1. Fast 3D Pose Estimation with Out-of-Sequence Measurements
    Ananth Ranganathan, Michael Kaess, and Frank Dellaert, IROS 2007

    When various sensors provide measurements at different rates, and the estimate of the output quantity is required at a rate which is less than the latency of some of the sensors, we can in effect use measurements from the “future” to provide the best estimates of the output quantity. This is performed using fixed-lag smoothing in a completely Bayesian framework, which can handle varying latencies in the sensors, so that a “delayed” measurement arrives out of chronological sequence. The resulting algorithm operates at upwards of 40 Hz and has clocked hundreds of hours of successful operation.

  2. Place Recognition-based Fixed-Lag Smoothing for Environments with Unreliable GPS
    Roozbeh Mottaghi, Michael Kaess, Ananth Ranganathan, Richard Roberts, and Frank Dellaert, ICRA 2008