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I am a Senior Research Scientist at Honda Research Institute, USA and work in the areas of robotics and computer vision. My research is largely focussed on the application of Bayesian statistics to problems such as SLAM, localization, place categorization, and scene analysis.

New - Datasets and software!

  1. July 2013 - Our paper on localization for vehicles by combining visual odometry and road marking detection has been accepted to IROS!

  2. June 2013 - Had a great trip to Australia that included attending a very interesting Intelligent Vehicles Symposium where I presented our paper

  3. Mar 2013 - Our paper (with Tao Wu) on localization using road markings has been accepted to IVS 2013

  4. Feb 2013 - New! Final version of our ICRA’13 paper “Towards Illumination Invariance for Visual Localization” is now available!

  5. Jan 2013 - Our paper on visual location recognition under varying illumination was accepted to ICRA

  6. Jan 2013 - I am on program committee for RSS 2013


Ananth Ranganathan